03 June 2010


Welcome to the Official blog post for Critical Lass Spring 2010!

Are you Ladies (& Gents? Do we have Gents around?) excited? I certainly am!

We have final details regarding our upcoming style ride, so without further ado (drum roll please):

Date: Sunday, June 13, 2010
Time: 1:00pm gather time, depart at 1:15pm
Starting Point: Edmonton Bicycle Commuters (10047 – 80 Avenue)
Route to include:  End of Rail Park, Ritchie Community League Rink to cheer on the Polo Velo players, Saskatchewan Drive, University - Belgravia area, Cupcakes!
Dress: Date-worthy fashion; helmet (see prior blog post for more info)

We realize not everyone will be able to stay on the route for the entire duration of the ride, so feel free to join and leave as needed. Unfortunately being a Sunday many places are closed (Whimsical, Transcend & redbike) BUT we can still window shop! And there are a few places within the immediate area that are open, so while limited, we do have options for refreshments!

For more information: The discussion post on Critical Lass has TONNES of other suggestions and ideas.

For contact info (if you might be late, wanting to meet up with us at a later point, etc) send a DM to myself (@angelzilla) or Deborah (@ecoDomestica) on twitter, or leave a way in which we can send cell numbers so we can all coordinate!

Update: we have buttons for participants, made by @mspixieriot - Thanks Eri! Thanks also to the fabulous Miss Sarah for providing the photo from her blog for adaptation! That's her fabulous heel on the pedal of her fabulous Pashley in the photo.


  1. Can't wait to hear and see all about it!!!

  2. I am very excited for this. I am bringing my bamboo bike out of retirement!

  3. Jessica - a bamboo bike!!!! #squeeinglikeaJustinBieberfan

  4. i wish with all my heart i could do this ride but i will be doing the MS ride that day. but cupcakes and vintage bikes!!!! SWOON!

  5. @black_hearted: we're planning to do this quarterly, so watch this space for the announcement of the next one. Good luck in the MS ride!

  6. Would one be welcome to bring a trailer and child? The Chariot doesn't exactly fit in with the dress-up aesthetic, but the bike will!

  7. Hi! I haven't heard anything about this ride, despite being a pretty avid cyclist in town. Is it open to anyone? I would love to come along!

  8. Ok I have the 13th cleared off so I can attend..I think hubby wants to come but not sure if he can pull off the dapper dude look so we'll see...I was hoping to have a new bike for the ride but I guess I'll still be taking Serenity (my hybrid)..not too sure how to doll her up though as she is kind of a manly girl.

    If I can't make it though I'm totally up for a Quarterly ride too:) Hopefully by then I'll have a prettier bike too


  9. @Micah: Yes, of course, kids in trailers are welcome! A Chariot could maybe get festive streamers added to its safety flag?

    Kids on their own bikes would be more difficult, since we'll be riding on busy roads for at least part of the route.

    @Nietzsche's Girl - This is our first time planning it, and we just posted this last night. Yes, it's open to anyone. Please join us!

    @Fiona - Yay! Serenity will fit right in. Girly bikes are not a prerequisite.

    This is so exciting!

  10. This is on the same Date and time as the polo velo game that's being promoted as part of Bikeology. Maybe the polo velo game can be a destination??
    I hope it doesn't mean that we'll have fewer women showing polo velo skills off to Edmonton this year
    Good work Gal-e-o's. I think this will end up on the Bikeology.ca calendar like all the other free cycling events in Edmonton in June (shameless plug)
    Molly, Bikeology 'gear'

  11. Molly - EBC's Alexa emailed us yesterday with the same suggestion. We love the idea of swinging by to cheer on the polo velo players! So, we're definitely making the game part of our route. See you there?

  12. I definitely vote that we do Bikey Polo stops...possibly right at the start (since it IS basically across the road and down). It'd give us a chance to see how riding in a large group works for us before we get onto a busier street? (Namely Whyte/Gateway/whatever street we choose to head north on).

    Sorry for absence since posting, I got smashed with a nasty bug (better this weekend than next though!)

    Still so excited!!

  13. Babies are totally welcome! I mean, what is more feminine than showing up with your spawn? There is a possibility that I will have to bring Dexter, if Don isn't around to hang out with the kid.

    Then we can also take turns riding around in the Madsen and hopefully not failing in such an epic way like in my other post last week.

  14. We're getting some good retweeting action on twitter! And much love and advertising from our bikey boy supporters too.

  15. And Miss Sarah, I definitely want a turn on the Madsen!

  16. Just posted the event on the EBC website calendar: http://edmontonbikes.ca/

    So excited!

  17. Would really love to come. I think this is a great way to meet other female cyclists and promote cycling as an easy and accessible mode of transit. Way to go!

  18. A reminder for anyone who hasn't been to EBC / BikeWorks before: entrance is only through the BACK ALLEY. Luckily, it's impossible to miss the yard full of bikes in the back alley.



  19. With all the other amazing things happening this weekend, we got a mention in The Edmontonian! http://theedmontonian.com/2010/06/11/i-hope-you-like-to-party/ Woot!


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