17 June 2011

June Critical Lass!

It's been a busy few weeks, so although we've tweeted about the date for the next Critical Lass we have been remiss in posting! Here are the details:

When: Monday, June 20th, meet at 6:00 pm, depart at 6:30 pm (weekday evening chosen to not coincide with major Bikeology Festival events during Bike Month)

What: an inclusive social ride for women and trans cyclists in stylish clothes, on a route suitable for novice riders, to promote cycling as an approachable, fun, everyday activity

Where: meeting at the Bicycle Bottleneck (that's the intersection of Saskatchewan Drive, 109th Street, and 88 Avenue) on the sidewalk near High Level Diner

Route: this time we'll meander through the neighborhoods around the University of Alberta, south on the multi-user path along the LRT line, and east on 40th Avenue to the Whitemud Crossing area (which will soon be easily reachable via the soon-to-be-installed 106th Street sharrows). Yokozuna Japanese Restaurant and Thai Valley Grill are among our choices for food afterward.

Update: yes, we know showers are currently in the forecast. We'll ride rain or shine.

We'll be making spoke cards using this cheeky 1940s postcard from my collection for attendees,
since our lovely friend Eri is too busy to make pins.
Upcoming rides (tentatively all scheduled on the 4th Sunday):

  • July 24th - Alberta Avenue (because We Believe In 118!) and The Carrot and Pho King
  • August 28th - suburban summertime ride - Millwoods bicycle infrastructure and a family picnic in Jackie Parker Park
  • September 25th - autumn colour ride along the top edge of the river valley


  1. Also, a hilarious headline related to the Critical Lass rides now happening in Chicago on every third Thursday:
    "A Monthly Cycle Ladies Will Actually Welcome: Critical Lass"


  2. If I didn't have a volunteer's board meeting for Isaac's track club, I would've liked it come. I'm looking forward to the photos!

  3. That's a great little write up in the Chicagoist. I love the headline!

  4. Judy - we'll set aside a spoke card for you.

    Jen - I know right?? I'm still wishing for a poster like theirs. Those girls are rad, I hope I get a chance to visit them someday.

  5. Rains got me down Deborah + no rain gear or faith in tyres lol....hoping to see you Friday still though:)

    Hope everyone stays sorta dryish tonigh

  6. Riding in the rain makes me hungry!


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