17 October 2010

Everything Looks Better With Bicycles

It seems like I have been seeing bicycles in every second magazine I open.
Okay, I get that bikes are being treated as this year's must-have accessory, 
but I think it's more than that: tastemakers have discovered that 
everything looks cooler when it's photographed with a bicycle.

Ironic dust-collecting sculptures of wild animals.
{The otherwise covetable apartment of editor Kevin Sharkey 
in the September 2010 issue of Martha Stewart Living.}

Ridiculously unwearable floor-length skirts.
(Love the cloche though!)
{Promotional email sent 13 Oct 2010 by Anthropologie.}

Huge padded eighties-style shoulders.
{Jean-Paul Gaultier via Fashionising, from July 2010}

{Saks Fifth Avenue print ad campaign from Sept 2010 via Benepe's Bike Blog}

Shorts as office wear.
{Anna Kendrick in ELLE's October 2010 issue.}

Beauty is a state of mind, but please buy our skin cream.
{Marcelle cosmetics print advertisement in ELLE Canada, March 2009}

Seventies-style chunky-heeled boots and a Relic toque on a hyper-skinny model.
Of course, this bike is a vintage Raleigh-built Robin Hood,
so it naturally has the power to make things alluring enough to make out with.
{Print advertisement is from the October 2010 issue of In Style.}

Wait, the guy you were just snogging with has a bike with rod brakes and a double top bar?
Is that a Brooks B-33 saddle?
...Carry on, then.
{Print advertisement from ELLE Canada, September 2010}

...Powerless to resist ...the allure of ....vintage rod brakes
...combined with mothering instincts
...must ...buy ...cashmere ...scarves


  1. lol I snapped a photo of that Michael Kors one Friday at WEM..they had a huge poster/display of it.

    I've been seeing a lot of bicycles in ads lately too

  2. thanks for the hilarious commentary : )

  3. I think I've identified that hairpin saddle! It's not the Brooks B-33 (which does have the front spring, but has the usual Brooks spiral springs in back). It's either an original or this replica:

  4. This is so awesome on so many levels!

  5. Hehe :) Aww Deb, you're too funny. Also-- movies; I think I've noticed a bicycle in the past three movies that I've seen.

  6. A Brompton! I love when there's a Brompton.

    it's like when I see a Canadian in a movie or TV show...so much unwarranted ownership and pride. I'm so weird)

  7. Ahhhh I love Burberry!!!!!! That Kors poster is also at Southgate!And I LOVE that Elle poster of Anna Kendrick...just my style!!
    Great post!

  8. Thanks everyone! I loved writing this one, so fun.

    Ooh, @skyboy242, we should totally do another post with screencaps of bicycles in movies! It would be time-intensive but so worth it...

    @tricotmiss: That isn't weird. Is it? I guess I'm weird too. =D

    @judy, yes, I have a Burberry weakness too... Do you have a straw boater? You need one.


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