14 September 2010

Inspiration boards and practical cycle chic

Today I played with Polyvore, and tried to recover from my cold. (Please don't ask how my #30daysofbiking is going. It's not. At all.)

Polyvore is basically a site where teenaged girls can make collages of fashionable outfits using images from shopping websites, then follow links through to shop for the items - or create I LOVE YOU NONTHREATENING HEARTTHOB! posters. I ran across it because it has some interior decor products available that you can collage as well - but not enough for my taste. Luckily, cycle chic is having a moment, so there are lots of photos one can use to create inspiration boards for outfits to ride in, especially if you are willing to dig past all the studded leather jackets and boots also labelled with the search term "bike".

The outfit above is essentially all from Anthropologie, with a skirt from the Gap and a Bern helmet. The bicycle is the first black loop-frame I found, which just happened to be the Hermes-branded one. The next collage was meant to be more of a vintage-style-girlbike-pron inspiration board, and the images also include some that came from various blogs:
Yes, that is a photo of Audrey Hepburn riding a bike while wearing a very shiny PVC suit - very practical for wet days. Heh. The eagle-eyed among you will notice the Yakkay helmets, Basil basket, Electra bell, and Brooks saddle, as well as cycles from Pashley, Electra, Republic Bike for Urban Outfitters, Gucci (in two colours) and Hermes. Oh, and three different vintage Schwinns.

The last thing I did was create this collection on Polyvore, which is basically meant as a quick visual guide to practical cycle chic to inspire the site's users to ride. I'd love your feedback on it!

(Also, via a photo of a hot boy on bicycle I found on Polyvore: famous men on bicycles. Mmm, beefcake and bicycles. You're welcome, ladies.)


  1. What's that red bike? Want! Want!

  2. Pretty isn't it? Both the red & black ones with leather panniers are branded by Gucci - red was a special edition for the Beijing olympics: http://www.cyclelicio.us/2008/03/gucci-bicycle.html

    No idea who made it for them. The Hermes one is apparently a pimped-out Batavus.

  3. I made a Polyvore set quite a while ago featuring my bike and a lovely outfit to ride it in: http://www.polyvore.com/sunny_evening_bike_ride/set?id=20980313

    I quit Polyvore though, it's just one distraction too many.


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